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Do you need a Preschool Curriculum with Sign Language? Are you unsure what to teach or when to teach it?

The ASL Signing Stars for Preschool Curriculum and Special Education allows you to incorporate signing time into your classroom. With our full-year preschool lessons, you can see how easy it is to teach and learn along with the children teaching with resources supported in English, Sign Language, & Spanish.

Unit 1 will be available in July. Unit 2 in August. We will be adding more Units monthly. Sign up for updates here.

Signing Stars PreK is ideal for educators wanting to incorporate ASL in the classroom, homeschool, or daycare to teach ALL children signs using play-based methods and printables to create fun and engaging learning.

This Preschool curriculum aims to reach all types of learners using a multi-sensory approach to teaching ASL, including visual, auditory, and kinesthetic modalities. As a result, your Signing Star ASL Preschool is appropriate for a broad spectrum of children, including those who are hearing, hard-of-hearing, deaf, ESL, SPED, and others.

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