Teach Weather the Fun Way with English and Sign Language.

Wondering where to start?

I can’t wait to share tips and resources to get you started.

The full 2.5 hour PD course is live!

  1. Using ASL in the classroom
  2. Unique ideas for teaching weather
  3. How to quickly get set up
  4. How to incorporate signs
  5. Benefits of using Sign Club



Kid Signing Weather

🌤️ What To Expect

In this 2.5-hour training, you’ll learn about tools and ideas for teaching the Weather to Pre-K -K students with the support of Sign Language. 


Teaching Points Weather Challenge

What you will get…


✅ Daily quick, actionable wins for your classroom.

✅ Daily step-by-step instructions with video.

✅ 5 no/low prep activities & more.

✅ Exclusive support on Facebook.

✅ Weather Flashcards.

✅ Themed lessons Ideas.

✅ Lifetime use of ASL resources in each lesson.

✅ 2.5 hours PD certificate of attendence.



Who am I?

Founder, Cynthia Long, has extensive experience homeschooling and in the classroom working with children with disabilities. She is an author, speaker, and creator of online courses and educational elementary worksheets and lessons. Her team of diversified staff includes both Autistic, Deaf & hard of hearing to make sure what you need for non-verbal children is available to support you. With the right tools, we believe you can make a big impact in your daily life.

headshot photo of founder ASL Teaching Resources Cynthia Long

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