Teach your children how to sign “trash” to reinforce Earth Day.

Hand Shape: flat right hand, left hand extended in front of chest
Location: chest level
Tip:  Shows trash bag hanging from your hand
Action: right hand arches from your wrist to your elbow

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Transcript: Trash is done with two flat hands.  The left hand goes straight across your body in a flat manner. Then other other hand arches from the finger tips all the way to the elbow area.  This represents a trash can.  This is what it looks like (shows sign)Sample sentence:  It’s time to clean up.  Throw things in the trash.

TRASH is a highly used sign, because everyone has trash.  While teaching the children to throw away their trash, be sure to sign TRASH each time. Let’s all reinforce Earth Day with the fun activity sheet-free down load this week and get out kids signing TRASH.  I bet you’ll be surprised how this simple signing will encourage them to throw away their trash.

April 22 is Earth Day.

Earth Day is a celebration of our amazing planet and chance to learn how we can best care for it. The first celebration of Earth Day took place on April 22, 1970.

So why is recycling so important? The average person in the United States generates around 4.5 pounds of waste every single day.  Recycling not only saves valuable space in our landfills, but it also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

If you want to learn more about our trash and keeping our earth clean, visit and

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