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Hand Shape:  “U” hands stack in front of each other
Location: in front of body
Tip: movement of a rabbit’s ears
Action: bend the “U” (ears) up and down 2x

Video Transcript: Rabbit, R-A-B-B-I-T. Rabbit is done with your “U” hands. Now take your hand and place them one behind the other. Now take your ‘U” hand down two times. Rabbit (demonstrates sign).

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10 Interesting Facts About Rabbits:

  1. Rabbits are herbivores
  2. All rabbits expect cottontail rabbits live underground burrows
  3. Rabbits sleep about 8 hours a day
  4. Rabbits have 28 teeth
  5. Their teeth never stop growing
  6. Wild rabbits live around 10 years while domestic rabbits around 16
  7. Rabbits only sweat on the pads of their feet
  8. Rabbit ears re on average 4 inches long
  9. They are most active at dawn and dusk
  10. Their babies are born without fur

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