Teach your baby to sign “hungry”.

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Hand Shape: “C” shape with right hand, palm facing body
Location: just below your neck
Tip: showing where the food goes down
Action: move hand downward a little one time

Video transcript: Hi and welcome to Sign Baby Sign. This week’s word has to do with your child needing something and he needs to tell you that he’s hungry. H-U-N-G-R-Y (signs letters). Start with the “C” hand on the top area of your chest and slide it down slightly. Don’t go past this area (demonstrates where to stop. So you might say “Are you hungry?” (demonstrates sign). Or the child might even tell you “Hungry Mom” (demonstrates sign).

You’re lucky to get this word, “hungry”. Why? Because your baby gets hungry multiple times a day. Take full advantage of it using the sign. Pay attention to the video to how these moms incorporate the sign with their children. Then imagine how nice it would be to see your child just sign hungry instead of hearing the “Mom, I’m hungry” call again and again. Want to learn more food signs? Check this out. Be sure to send us your comments and videos on how it’s working with our child. And we may feature you on our site.

Why am I hungry all the time?

Ok, so it’s not quite dinner yet but you’ve already had lunch, all of a sudden you find yourself wanting food…you can’t be hungry…or can you? When your stomach is empty it releases a hormone called ghrelin into your bloodstream. Ghrelin kick starts contractions in your stomach, which you know to be hunger pains. Those rumbles you hear when you are hungry are just normal noises your stomach makes during digestion; the only difference is that those noises are amplified because your stomach is empty. The louder the rumble the more your stomach is flexing it’s muscles.
You may be asking yourself “What should I do when I’m hungry to make sure I’m not hungry again so soon?”

8 Simply Ways to Avoid Hunger Pains.

1. Choose your snack wisely- several healthy snacks are known to curb your hunger.
2. Snack frequently- the more often you eat (around every 3-4 hours) can help your stomach run smoother and in turn keep your metabolism up.
3. Eat appropriate portions- don’t go crazy on your favorite sweets or too little of the healthy options (most importantly, know your body, portions that work for you may not work for someone else).
4. Avoid eating pre-packaged food.
5. Start reading the label of what you eat. You will be shocked. If you don’t recognize the word, put it back on the shelf.
6. Drink a cup of water. Many times that will do the trick.

7. Eat a mixture of healthy protein and carbs each meal or snack. For me, my snack usually Greek Yogurt, an apple or rice cake with almond butter, or a protein shake.
8. Take a week to document your eating habits and how you feel. You will start to learn which foods hold you over longer.

Hunger Fighting Foods

1. Apples
2. Bran
3. Almonds
4. Oatmeal
5. Avocados
6. Greek Yogurt
7. Cottage Cheese
8. Eggs
9. Sweet Potatoes
10. Vegetable Juice
If you really want to challenge yourself, start noticing what healthy people eat and don’t eat, then give it a try. So next time you get that in between hunger, try reaching for one of the healthy snacks to hold you over.

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