Teach your baby to sign “look”

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Hand shape: “V” with right hand, palm facing out
Location: near side of your right eye
Tip: The “V” becomes your eyes.
Action: Start at the corner of your eye, move forward a short distance.

Children love to point at things they find interesting. Because of this you will find this week’s word super easy to incorporate. It’s like pointing but with two fingers to represent your eyes. When you say, “Look at the dog.” Or “Look at me when you talk to me.” Starting say and signing “look” at the same time. Before long, your child will be signing “look” when they want you to see something and you will be so proud! Add a few more signs for the older children using Outdoor flash cards or Dice game (downloadable) to help you look for things outside. Happy signing!

Video transcript: Hi and welcome to Sign Baby Sign. This week we’re taking a look at the word look. L-O-O-K; to look at something. Many times as parents we tell our infants/our children to look at the sky or the flowers. So to do this you’re going to use your “V” hand. This “V” hand is going to represent your eyes; tell your child “Look.” And just point in the direction of what you want them to look at.

What would you do if you couldn’t see?

Imagine what it would be like to not have the luxury of being able to simply look around and see. The NHIS-D recently estimated that there are approximately 345,000 legally blind adults of working age (18-54); that’s roughly 21% of working- age people. We wake up everyday and don’t realize how special it is to be able to look around. What would you miss looking at if you were blind? Your family? The sky? Your pet? Flowers? Your pet? Have your child draw a few of the things that he/she loves to look at the most. Post a picture of your child’s drawing along with a video of him/her doing the sign “Look” to our Facebook page.

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