Teach your baby to sign “run”

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Hand Shape: bent “L” shape with both hands, index finger of right hand hooked on thumb            of left hand
Location: at chest level
Tip: as if the fingers of one hand are running after the other
Action: move hands forward quickly while wiggling index finger

Video transcript: This weeks word is “Run’. R-U-N. Run. This is done with taking your “L” hands, bent fingers, then attach your dominant hand into your less dominant thumb and move forward a little bit while you wiggle the finger, for run. Now if you’re working with children and this is a little to advance for their coordination of their movement with their hands, use the other run sign which would to be take your fist and act like your running this way. Both would be acceptable in sign language.

Post Pregnancy- 10 Tips Running With Your Baby.

Being a new mom does not mean you have to stay in your pregnancy clothes for months on end. You can reclaim your pre-pregnancy body, become healthier and still be with your baby while doing so!

1. Protect your baby by following the jogging stroller’s age/size requirements.
2. Protect your baby from the elements.
3. Protect your baby by using all the harness straps.
4. Protected paths are a better choice: parks, sidewalks. Avoid roads with traffic.
5. Protect yourself from accidents by locking the front wheel in place to prevent the stroller from suddenly turning.
6. Do use one or both hands to be as safe as possible.
7. Do pack toys, snacks, diaper, etc. so you’re not caught off guard.
8. Do schedule runs to reflect both your and your child’s time that is best.
9. Do listen to your baby’s sounds (ie. crying) instead of an iPod.
10. Do be aware of your surroundings and the ground ahead of you.
So now that you have these great tips, get out and make it happen and most of all, enjoy your run with your baby!

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