Teach your baby to sign “search”

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Hand Shape: right hand “C”
Location: in front of your face
Tip: as though you are looking for something
Action: draw two circles in the air

Video transcript: This week’s word is “Search”. It is the “C” hand that moves as though it is representing your eye and you’re looking. It is a circular motion. You could say, “Lets looks for it.” Which is not the “look” as you’ve learned before. This is looking as though you’re searching.

12 Organizational Stratagies to Avoid Searching for Your Kids Things

1. Visit YouTube and Pinterest for organizational ideas.
2. Involve your child in finding items and setting them up.
3. Designate set areas for things.
4. Label areas with words and pictures.
5. Become a creature of habit.
6. Train by doing with your child not for your child.
7. Clean up before moving to the next thing.
8. Stay organized.
9. Avoid piles of stuff.
10. Put it up right then before you move on to the next thing.
11. Avoid verbal repetition. Instead use your sign language “clean up”.
12. Re-evaluate your strategies together to make improvements.
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