Teach your baby to sign “stop”.

Hand Shape: “B” shape with right hand, palm facing left; “B” shape with left hand, palm up.
Location: at chest level
Tip: like cutting something to make it stop
Action: move side of right hand sharply down to stop on left palm

Video transcript: Hi, and welcome to Sign Baby Sign. This week’s word is dance.
D-A-N-C-E. For dance, this (shows left hand) would represent your floor, palm up. And then this (shows right hand) the “V” hand would represent your feet except your going to turn it down on the dance floor and just go from left to right and say “dance”.

Children enjoy this sign because it has movement. This weeks (free) coloring sheet will add a little fun as the children can dance with their puppet while they sign. Subscribe to us on youtube.com/signbabysign.

10 Habits to Never Stop Doing

1. Complimenting your child
2. Using your “inside voice” when frustrated
3. Hug and love your child
4. Prioritizing your time to connect
5. Growing as a person
6. Thanking God for your family
7. Saying “No” to others because you said “yes” to your family
8. Making time to be healthy emotionally, physically, and spiritually
Bonus: Learn a new sign each week with your children on Sign Baby Sign.

Don’t forget your free coloring sheet to teach your child how to sign “stop”.
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