Teach your baby to sign “Left and Right”.

LEFT:  Hand Shape: “L” with dominate hand
Location: chest area
Tip: L is for left
Action: move to the left a short distance
RIGHT: Hand Shape: “R” with dominate hand
Location: chest area
Tip: R is for right
Action: move to the right a short distance

Video Transcript: Hi, and welcome to Sign Baby Sign. This week’s word is Left and Right. “L” for left and you would move left. “R” for right and you would move right. So you could say (and sign) “your left leg or your right arm”.

Take your hand and make an “L”, like this. Fold your fingers to make the “L”. Now go left.

10 Fun Ways to Teach Children Left and Right

1. Sing and sign Hokey Pokey.
2. Show how the left hand makes an L.
3. Show how we write with our right hand.
4. Play twister.
5. Pass objects to the left and right on voice command.
6. Play getting dressed saying, “put your right hand in your sleeve”.
7. Make a left/right ring to wear.
8. Show your children the video blog on how to sign left/right.
9. Put Red sticker (R for red) on right shoe.
10. Write and R on the right big toe and L on the left.
11. Put a red shoelace on the right shoe.
12. Use sign language for left/right.

This week’s coloring sheet re-enforces the learning of the sign “left and right” and it’s free.

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