Teach your baby to sign “chase”.

Hand Shape: Both hands “A”
Location: chest level, both hands angle to the left, staggered.
Tip: as if you are running after someone
Action: Left “A” hand stays still while moving right “A” hand in a spiral movement.

Video Transcript: Hi, and welcome to Sign Baby Sign. This week’s word is to chase. C-H-A-S-E. You could say, “I’m going to get you. I’m going to chase you.” You would have your thumbs up. One would be stationary and the other would move in circles like you are cashing him.

Take your thumb. Now your other thumb (showing “A” hands). This is your brother. Now wiggle this one around behind it. Chase, Chase.

Children Chasing Their Dreams- 5 Steps to Supporting them.

1. Chase their dreams not yours. For example, ask yourself, “Does my child really want to play sports or is this what I want them to do?”.
2. Be supportive of their dreams with encouragement and praise. Let them see your excitement for their dreams/desires.
3. Allow change. As kids grow and change, so will their dreams.
4. Teach responsibility. At times help your child re-evaluate their dreams. Allow for change but finish commitments. This builds character of commitment that will apply to school and friends, then later work and marriage.
5. Live by example. Let them see your passion for your dreams.

See our “Action” flash cards for more words.

This week’s coloring sheet re-enforces the learning of the sign “chase” and it’s free.

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