Teach your baby to sign “apple”.

Hand Shape: “X” shape with right hand
Location: at side of mouth
Tip: as if twisting an apple stem at the “apple “of your cheek
Action: twist back and forth downward two times

Video transcript: Hi, and welcome to Sign Baby Sign. This week’s word is dance.
This week’s word has to do with fruit. For apple, use your “X” hand shape. Put the knuckle of it at the side of the chin area and twist it two times for the sign apple.

8 Apple Game Ideas for your school or church carnival.

1. Apple trivia.
2. Apple taste testing-apples, apple juice, apple sauce.
3. Apple on a string, try to eat or blind-fold hit with plastic bat.
4. Apple toss to partner with a towel.
5. Apple partner toss-back up a step with each toss.
6. Apple juggle. Try to juggle.
7. Apple shoot. Use a toy gun with suction cup bullets. Aim to hit the apple.
8. Apple tree shake. Attach paper apples to a fake tree, each with directions of a body part to shake. Preselect on apple to lay on a leaf to fall off easily. Now child shakes the tree and follows apple’s directions.
Note: Use real apples or substitute with fake or paper apples when possible.

Apple can also be found on our flash card set for “food“.

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