How to sign “listen”

Hand Shape: “3” with right hand
Location: thumb (of “3”) on right ear
Tip: as if you were bringing sound into your ear
Action: bend fingers 2x

Video transcript: Hi, and welcome to Sign Baby Sign. This week’s word is “Listen”. L-I-S-T-E-N- Listen. Use the number “3” (handshape) and have the thumb touch your ear, then just wiggle your fingers as though these are your antennas listening out for things. Do you hear the birds? Listen, I hear daddy calling you.

Bonus: There are a few variations for this sign. It might be a little easier for the younger ones is to use a “C” hand and cover your ear to listen. Another one I’ve seen is just a slight variation where take it and you put it on your ear instead of around your ear. You just put your thumb on your ear to listen.

This week’s free coloring sheets guides the children in an alien activity of listening.

10 Ways to Get Your Children to Listen

As you may find these ideas common, ask yourself, “Do I really do them?” You may find this helpful to use as a check off once a month until it becomes a natural part of your daily interaction.

  1. Make sure you have his attention.
  2. Make eye contact.
  3. Touch his hand or lift his head.
  4. Give him a choice over a demand.
  5. Talk to him from his perspective.
  6. Listen to him.
  7. Have him repeat what he heard you say.
  8. Let him complete your sentence.
  9. Less is more.
  10. Focus on the positive way to say it.

Idea: Have photos of things for the children to guess the sound it makes. Sign “listen”, make or play the sound, then let the children find the matching photo. Let the kids take turns being the signer asking the others to “listen” as they sign it.

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