How to sign “toliet”

Hand Shape: “T” shape with right hand, palm facing outward
Location: at shoulder level
Tip: “T” is for toilet; the more you shake the sign, the more urgent it is
Action: shake hand from left to right

Video transcript: Hi, and welcome to Sign Baby Sign. This week’s word is bathroom, toilet, and restroom. Use the ‘T” hand, facing out, shake left and right.

Bonus: …You could sign restroom. It’s your R hand and you kind of bounce it left to right for restroom. The most common one I see in sign language is the “T” hand, palm facing out, shake left to right. I will warn you, don’t go forward because that’s “testimony”. So shake “T” left to right for: “I need to go to the bathroom. Where is your bathroom? Where’s the toilet.” All of that is the same left to right shake.

“Toilet” is one of the most used signs in my family and extended family when we are out and about. Somehow it just seems polite to sign “I need to go” instead of saying it out loud for anyone else to hear. Give it a try with the people you are around the most. Let us know how it worked for you. Be sure to come back and leave your story in our comment section.

Our (free) coloring sheet this week will help you teach your children how to remember which one to is for them to use.

12 ideas for designing a fun kid’s bathroom

  1. Pick a theme together; then visit stores and the Internet to get ideas.
  2. Put small toys in the liquid hand soap to match your theme.
  3. Drill holes in a plastic toy to make your themed toothbrush holder.
  4. Each person paint a light switch plate; then you can rotate their designs.
  5. Decorate a laundry basket to match your theme.
  6. Put a shower rod low on the back wall and hang baskets for tub toys.
  7. Know whose towel is whose by hanging a photo above each towel hook.
  8. Each person paint and decorate their picture frame for their towel.
  9. Squeeze toothpaste into a hand pump soap dispenser. This will cut down on mess and help the young ones to use the right amount.
  10. Use a glue gun to fill holes on bottom of bath toys to avoid mold growing.
  11. Hang Christmas lights for a calming effect.
  12. Install a heat fan or lamp for after bath time to use on those cold nights.

Share your bathroom décor ideas on the comment box.

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