How to sign “more”

Hand Shape: flat “O” shape with both hands, fingertips touching
Location: at chest level
Tip: as if you’re adding more things to a pile
Action: tap fingertips together two times

Video transcript: “More” Use your flatten “O” hands and tap them together twice (demonstration of the sign).

Start teaching this sign to your child as one of their first words. For example, after “food” is learned, you can ask if he wants “more.” Then give the sign “more.” Do this for several days or even a week or two until your child associates the word you sign and say (more) with the act of getting more. The next step would be to guide their hands to do the sign. Take your time as you teach; there is no rush. Next, start encouraging him to copy you. With food in your hand, ask and sign if he wants more. Encourage him to sign “more,” demonstrate and guide if needed. End with a reward (his food) each time to reinforce he is doing it right. Good luck. Let us know how you do. We all want to hear and learn from your experiences.

5 Things Moms Need More Of

  1. Support
  2. Appreciation
  3. A break
  4. Help with house work
  5. Lots of hugs and kisses

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