Hand Shape: open “5” dominant hand
Location: chin
Tip: chin area represents females due to the string of a bonnet
Action: tap 2x

Transcript: This week’s word comes just in time for the holidays recognizing our mothers. For MOM, take your open 5 hand and at your chin tap it 2x.

Mom working with her child: Hold your hand like this. Show mommy your hand. Say “Mom”. “Mom.” Can you do that? Hold your hand up like this. Now give me five. Now can you sign “mom”?

When introducing a new sign, be sure to say and sign it. For “mom” you can use the “high 5” gesture if your child is a little older to form the correct hand shape.

I recommend teaching this sign to your infant as early as 9 months. Each time you say the word “mom” use the sign with it for visual reinforcement. You may have a chance that your child will say/sign “mama” before they say “dada.”

This week I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite websites for mothers.

4 Websites Moms Will Want to Bookmark

  • American Baby Magazine A great overall magazine with much to explore and learn about parenting.
  • Family Fun Magazine I have always subscribed “Family Fun” magazine. Every month I just couldn’t get enough of their new fun ideas to do with my family.
  • Hello Bee This online parenting community incorporates all facets of motherhood- conception to parenting from real moms.
  • Sign Baby Sign My personal favorite website for teaching your baby/family to sign. New words come out weekly and be sure to get your free download of an ASL coloring sheet. Coming soon, you’ll be able to have the word of the week show up automatically on your phone/podcast. There are many other resources and products available for sign language and your family.

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