Hand Shape: flat hand, fingers closed, palm facing body
Location: at chest level
Tip: as if asking politely a request from the heart.
Action: move hand in circle over heart twice

Video transcript: PLEASE is done with an open flat hand on the chest with downward circular motion to say PLEASE.

“My child demands things, and if she doesn’t get it, she’ll stomp her feet or start throwing a fit. How do I teach my child to say PLEASE”?
Many parent find himself or herself in this predicament. So what can you do?

8 pointers to reinforce teaching manners on PLEASE:

  1. Use their basic needs-Before your child can even talk, begin capitalizing on your child’s basic needs. For example, each time your baby wants a toy or food, begin consistently signing and saying the two words involved. “Milk please.” “Ball please.”
  2. Do it right before you get it-For older children, you can reinforce politeness with having them sign and say “please” before they get what they ask for.
  3. They become the teacher-For the older ones, you can teach them to teach their doll or stuffed animal to say “please”. This way they become the teacher.
  4. Try again-If it’s not done right the first time, for all ages, let them have a redo. For older kids, have them set a timer for 2 minutes then re-ask. This causes them to think about it during that time.
  5. Be a role model-Make it a habit yourself to lead by example by signing and saying “please” when you are asking someone to give you something or to do something for you.
  6. Say it, but say it once-Remind them to not say “please” over and over again as a way to beg for something you want- that is not a polite thing to do.
  7. Be consistent-Moms can tell you from experience that it takes consistency, patience, and time to get the results you want. So if you want your kids to be consistent, you have to set the example.
  8. Watch the Word of the Week together to reinforce signing PLEASE at Sign Baby Sign

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