Hand Shape: flat “O” shape with right hand
Location: at right side of nose
Tip: as if you’re smelling a flower
Action: move hand to left side of nose

Video transcript: Flower is done with one hand and has your finger tips closed to touch each other, and then you would touch the right side of your nose, then the left. It’s mimicking the act of taking a flower, picking it up in your hand and smelling it. We’re going to smell it on one side of the nose and then other side. So each time you use the word FLOWER, be sure to sign it even if it’s in story time.

Looking for creative things to do with the children this spring? Today is all about having fun learning with flowers. For any activity you do, remember to sign and have the children sign “flowers” each time it is said.

14 Fun Flower Activities for Children

  • Flower matching
  • Flower shapes
  • Flower petal counting
  • Flower colors
  • Flower size sequencing
  • Flower picture puzzle
  • Flower craft-cupcake liner and pipe cleaner
  • Flower hunt-hide-n-seek
  • Flower thumb print art work
  • Flowers-grow from a seed
  • Flower dandelion with Q-tips
  • Flower-show it’s life cycle
  • Flower relay race using the sign “flower” and a flower
  • Watch how to sign “flower” at Sign Baby Sign

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