Hand Shape: flat hand, closed fingers
Location: at right thigh
Tip: as if calling a dog to you
Action: Tap thigh a few times

Note:  This is also commonly signed using a snap, middle finger and thumb snap twice quickly.

There are two different ways to sign the word dog.  You can either just pat your leg or snap your fingers then tap your leg.  While the children are younger, it is hard for them to move their fingers in a way to form a snap.  I recommend start using the “pat your leg” until they get old enough to do the full sign.  Use this sign each time you see a dog.

Did you know you could teach your dog sign language?  I use a sign for each command my dog is taught.  It’s nice that we, my dog and I, can communicate without speaking a word.  Another great benefit is when my husband and I take our dog along on a walk, I am able to sign commands to my dog without interrupting our conversation.

The commands I use include: left, right, wait, stop, go, and slow.  This makes for such a well-disciplined dog and a very pleasant walk.  Want to learn more about training your dog in ASL? Contact me for more information.

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