Hand Shape: open 5 hands, palms facing chest
Location: chest
Tip: as if pushing something away
Action: shake hands outward two times

This is an excellent sign to teach your infant as well as your toddler. They pick up on this quite early. Now you might see the baby use only one hand or just shake their hands and that’s ok. It is the beginning step of learning to sign the word finish. Be sure to continue signing it the proper way. You can use one hand or two hands; either way is acceptable. This is one of the most popular signs used with all ages. It is easy for your baby to pick up on this sign, so don’t be hesitant to start teaching this one early on.

I remember one grandmother telling me that she was outside swinging her grandson and thought she could do this forever. Then the baby started signing “finish/all done.” She said that she would have never known the baby was done swinging if he had not been taught sign language. Even today, I use this sign often with my husband when we are out and I’m done and ready to go home but don’t want others to hear me say that. I challenge you to start teaching your children, and yes, your whole family this sign-no matter the age. You can do it!!

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