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Holiday Books in Sign Language

Celebrate the Holidays in ASL! Learning holiday signs provides you the confidence to know how these vocabulary terms are signed. There’s no need to look at a piece of paper and try to figure out how it’s supposed to be signed. LookSimply look here and sign along with the video to quickly learn your sign language words.

Holidays in ASL Resources for Vocabulary Success:

Coming in 2023.

This video(s) shows you how to sign all the words in the flashcard set. It is a part of the Sign Club series.

ASL Flashcards for Holidays here.

The sign language flashcards for holidays (part 1) are an excellent tool to get your students engaged and learning. Perhaps the best thing about them is the unlimited ways you can use them!

ASL Holidays Flashcard Part 2 here.

The sign language flashcards for holidays (part 2) are a fantastic tool for engaging and teaching kids of all ages. The best thing about them is how versatile they are!

Holidays Dice Game Part 1 here.

This fun interactive Dice Games Part 1– Holidays dice set is a downloadable product ready to print and use in your classroom. Your students will love learning new vocabulary through this game!

Holidays Dice Game Part 2 here.

Dice Games Part 2: Holidays is an interactive dice set that can be downloaded, printed, and used in the classroom immediately. This fun game is great for teaching students new words.

ASL Wall Charts Holidays Book 7 here.

This Wall Chart Holidays Book 7 will have your students on the way to ASL success by displaying these in the classroom!

ASL Wall Charts Holidays Book 8 here.

By displaying this Wall Chart Holidays Book 8, your students will be on their road to ASL success!

Lesson Plan Holidays Book 7 here.

Displaying these signs from Holiday Book 7 – Signs for Holidays will help your kids learn ASL.

Lesson Plan Holidays Book 8 here.

Displaying the signs from This Holiday Book 8 – Signs for Holidays in your classroom will put your students on the path to becoming proficient in American Sign Language.

Fortune Teller Holidays Games

(Coming this year.)


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