Sign Club: How It Works is an online workshop that will introduce you to the Sign Club and teach you how it works.

This sign language club is geared toward children.  It is open to students with no prior ASL exposure. The purpose of the club is designed to bring awareness to the language through fun engaging activities.

No need to struggle to come up with a weekly sign club lesson.  We’ve done all the work for you. The videos are designed to give you a quick visual of your lesson. The handouts give you easy-click links to the resources you will use.  Lessons stand alone and can be switched around to meet your needs. Download the ASL Lesson Plan Books to give you added weeks of lessons to expand your sign club experience.

Each week will enhance the learning process by bringing visual, auditory, and kinesthetic methods to reach all students. Concepts can be applied to use with a diversity of preschool and elementary children hearing, hard-of-hearing, deaf, ESL, SPED, and more.

DISCLAIMER: Sign Club is in Beta. Videos and handouts that reference “free” or “unlimited downloads” will now be using “ASL Bucks” based on your membership level. Details and FAQ here.  We are working on updating the Sign Club and looking for volunteers to help us with this. Contact us if interested and let us know your skills.

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