Learn American Sign Language

Have you ever wanted to learn another language but didn’t have time?  Then you’re in the right place.

Let’s get you started with our most popular “Learn ASL in 60 Days”. This is divided into 2  levels; each is packed with new concepts, grammar, culture, vocabulary, and much more.  At the end of 5 weeks, you will be able to communicate and understand sign language on a basic level.  You will walk away with not only new skills but also a resource to reinforce what you just learned.  Join the class and get ready to communicate without speaking a word.

Ready to begin? Watch this video will show you how to get free and paid resources to get you on your way to learning sign language.

At ASL Teaching Resources, we have multiple courses for you to choose from. Check out the full list here. Each course has its own unique goal and learning experience.

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