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Special Education Classroom Must Haves

Communication is Key!

Want to teach kids sign language but not sure where to start? See how easy it is to teach.

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Cynthia Long, a Nationally Certified Interpreter and founder of ASL Teaching Resources, is an author, speaker, creator of online courses for teachers, and sign-supported educational resources for children.

Your students can be Signing Stars!

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How do students benefit from using ASL in the classroom?

Hands-on Activities

Incorporate play with standards


Make rote learning fun & meaningful

Hands-on Activities

Non-verbal students can participate

Help your students shine!

Teachers, like YOU, are realizing the impact of using Sign Language with special education students. 

  • Engages early learners through all their senses
  • A real language for nonverbal cues
  • Fun to use with songs and activities
  • Easy to incorporate with morning meetings to build language acquisition

Perhaps you’ve thought about incorporating ASL with your students but are not sure how or where to begin. Whether you know sign language or not, we give you the tools to be successful. Click on the “Yes! I want this!” to get started. 

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