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We teach you what you need to know to be successful!

  • Our school does the same clubs every year. Is Sign Club a fit for us?

Whether you home school or teach in a private or public school, you probably have after school clubs. Why not let this year be different by starting a Sign Club. Discover interactive learning and fun for your elementary aged students. We’ve done all the work for you.

  • Can you really give me tools to teach sign to our students?

With school starting soon, it’s easy to feel like you’re overwhelmed. It’s important to start simple. Discover the steps you can take NOW empowered to teach sign even if you don’t know any. In this workshop we’ll teach you where to find your free PDF with all the links you need to teach and learn sign along with your students. With us by your side, you got this!

  • What will be taught in Sign Club?

There will be 26 weeks for you to choose from; enough for every week of school. Go at your own pace. Choose from a Holiday theme or pick a topic. In this workshop we will show you all the topics.

  • Our funds are limited, how can we do sign club?

First, this workshop is FREE.  You can only benefit from signing up. We will show you how to get free access to ALL the videos to use in your sign club for free. And how to get funding for the extra worksheets and flashcard you will want to use. We know a few secrets to help you be successful.

  • I don’t know enough sign to teach a Sign Club, but you say I can. How?

It also isn’t as hard as you may think! We have done all the work for you. In this workshop we will show you how to use the free videos, forums, and print any of the resources you need.

By following the easy, practical step-by-step process in your FREE Sign Club Lesson Plan, you’ll have a successful and rewarding experience that the children will remember for life.

We’ll teach you all this and much more!

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