Sign Language Coloring Sheet – Read


This is a downloadable product. Download the file and print on your own printer.

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Sign Language Coloring Sheet – Read

This sign language coloring sheet for the word Read is designed for students to learn or reinforce their ability to learn signs while having fun coloring.  Feature an activity to color while focusing on one sign. ASL coloring sheets are great for classroom “Word of the Day” to build their ASL vocabulary. In addition, create a “Word  ASL Wall” for students to be proud of their work and review their signs throughout the day.

This coloring sheet is a downloadable product, so download the file and print it on your own printer.

5 ways the coloring pages can benefit your students:

  1. Learn sign language for the word
  2. Learn different colors
  3. Improves hand-to-eye coordination and motor skills
  4. Enhances critical thinking among children
  5. Encourages students to use their imagination

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