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Q: What if I already used this code, can I really use it each week?
A: This code will reset each Wednesday.


Q: Can I get any lesson?
A: Any two lessons in the “Lesson Worksheet” area in our shop.


Q: Will there be more selection?
A:  Yes, we are uploading new content to our “Lesson Worksheet” page weekly.


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Featured ASL Lesson Plans…

Teach children how to carry their backpacks for a healthy back all school year long and

how to properly to sit in chairs.

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Free and paid sign language resources for those working with children- hearing, deaf, or special needs.

We have free videos in one place for you and your students on the Resource page.  Click here to learn signs. Use the drop-down menu to see all 3 videos.


 New Releases: Sign Language Resource Books


8-LPB-Holiday-2 ASL Lesson Plan Book3-LPB-Directions ASL Lesson Plan Book13-CB-Weather ASL Coloring Book


Sign Language Lesson Plan Books & Wall Charts

See all of our new book releases.

Order here in our Shop.


Our site is expanding!

ASL Teaching Resources.com is live!

Important announcement:  As school is in session, Sign Baby Sign continues to work on new content for your 2017-2018 school year.

Q: What can I expect from Sign Baby Sign?
A: For the next few months, we will be posting weekly using the same photo for your weekly gift!

Q: What suggestions do you have for teachers?
A:  View our resource page. We will be adding new videos there for you to learn and teach signs.

sign language teacher resource vidoes


Q: What will you be creating for us?
A: Our goal is to finalize:

  • ASL Lesson Plan 20 book series
  • ASL Wall Chart 20 book series
  • ASL Coloring 20 book series
  • Create the online ASL Courses 6-10

Q: I need a particular signed lesson for my children. Can you help?

A: Our goal is to create what you need.  We are putting all new teacher requested content in our “Lesson Worksheet” page. Send us your request on our contact page.


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