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Free and paid sign language resources for those working with children- hearing, deaf, or special needs.

We have free video in one place for you and your students on the Resource page.  Click here to learn signs. Use the drop down menu to see all 3 videos. 


ASL Calendar Gift


Click on the photo during the open date shown to get your FREE ASL for your children and please share this blog!

1-LPB-First-Signs ASL Lesson Plan Book2-LPB-First-Signs ASL Lesson Plan Book

New to the site.  We’ve been working all summer.

Sign Language Lesson Plan Books 1 & 2

See all of our new book releases.

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Are you feeling overwhelmed with remembering everything to tell the children?

Click on the photo to get your free check off sheet.  Free til August. 23.

Back to School ASL Gift




Upgrade here for only .99 cents for the full Lesson Plan Set for “Don’t Understand”.  Great to use within the first month of school.

Don't Understand for blog ASL



Our site is expanding!

ASL Teaching is live!

Important announcement:  As school is in session, Sign Baby Sign continues to work on new content for your 2017-2018 school year.

Q: What can I expect from Sign Baby Sign?
A: For the next 6 months, we will be posting twice a month with an ASL gift each time!


Q: What suggestions do you have for teachers?
A:  View our resource page. We will be adding new videos there for you to learn and teach signs.

sign language teacher resource vidoes


Q: What will you be creating for us?
A: Our goal is to finalize:

  • ASL Lesson Plan 20 book series
  • ASL Wall Chart 20 book series
  • ASL Coloring 20 book series
  • Create the online ASL Courses 6-10

Q: I need a particular signed lesson for my children. Can you help?

A: Our goal is to create what you need.  Send us a message on our contact page.

What do YOU want to be created??  We will be sending out a survey to find out exactly what you are wanting to be created.  Be thinking of flash card ideas, worksheet ideas, anything that you need to be created to teach sign language, we want to know.


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