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We teach sign to our grandkids. Try it out!

This week, we are giving you a sneak peak at our Teacher’s Resource page.  We are loading new plans often so keep checking back. Test it out.  Free “School” ASL Lesson Plan this week below.

A special shout out to our ASL Pilot Classroom that began August 15.  Each teacher that registered is getting full ASL Lesson Plans for 2 months in exchange for feedback.  This group will guide us in bring new curriculum to meet your needs.




It’s Back-to-School time!  New Lesson Plans will be loaded daily.
Coming this week:
  • School ASL13-Outside
  • 13-Party
  • 14-School
  • 14-Pajamas
  • 15-Teacher
  • 15-Patience
  • 16-Pay Attention
  • 16-Pee
  • 17-Play
  • 17-Please 2 (Order Food)
  • 18-Read
  • 18-Ready
  • 19-Pumpkin 1 & 2

We are changing…

 What to expect from our site.

In the months to come you will be seeing changes on our site.

  • Check out our new “Teacher” page.  New content is being loaded each day.  It will be free for our Pilot Classrooms and available for anyone to purchase.
  • Our weekly blogs will be changing to once a month while we are focusing our effects on creating new content specific for worksheets to use in the classroom.
  • We are working on a new look for our site to create an easy navigation for those who work with children.
  • Our goal is to still post a free ASL worksheet each week.  Be sure to open your email from us to get your link for our weekly freebies.
  • Please contact us if you would like to share your ideas.  We are here for YOU!

ASL Word of the Day Podcast.

Does your school know about this?

Our new podcast has been submitted to iTunes.  Now we are waiting for the approval.   Soon you’ll be able to learn one sign a day.


Do you live in the Cincinnati area?ASL Class for beginners

For those local, take a look at our “Classes” page.  We have an Adult Beginners Class.  Let us know you on our contact page if you’d like to be notified on our classes.

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This week is extra special.  Enjoy this ASL download share our link!  They will thank you.

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