Teach your baby to sign “pumpkin”

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Hand Shape: “S” with left hand, “8” with right hand, both palms down
Location: chest area, right hand over the left
Tip: as if checking to see if a pumpkin is ripe
Action: thump your middle finger on the back of your left fist/ “S” hand 2x

Video transcript: This week’s word is “Pumpkin”. P-U-M-P-K-I-N. Pumpkin. This is done with your less dominant hand, “S” shape, which is a fist. Palm facing down, take your right hand, having your thumb and your middle finger touch and your going to thump two times. Pumpkin. As you know, this has probably derived from when we go to the store and we want to buy anything in the pumpkin family, like cantaloupes or watermelons. Things like that we would give the thump test.

Bonus: I know this is a little hard for a child to do to be able to thump. So whatever they end up doing, if they tap their wrist or just go like this, then that is acceptable until they keep learning and develop their motor skills, as they grow older. But you continue signing it correctly. Pumpkin.

Kids in the kitchen: Recipe for Pumpkin seeds

This recipe is designed with the kids doing most of the work.
Kid: Pick out the perfect pumpkin.
Adult: Cut a circle in the top of a pumpkin.
Kid: Reach in the hole and pull out the seeds and the stringy, gooey stuff.
Kid: Separate the gooey stuff from the seeds.
Kid: Put seeds in a pot; add 2 cups of water and 1 tablespoon of salt.
Adult: Boil for 10 minutes; remove and spread out to dry on a towel.
Kid: Put seeds in a bowl. Stir in 1 tablespoon of oil per cup of seeds.
Optional: add seasoning of your choice to taste.
Kid: Spread seeds in one layer on a cookie sheet.
Adult: Cook at 250 (about 20m) until lightly toasted turning seeds midway.

Send us your photo or video of your child making pumpkin seeds and signinging pumpkin. We may feature your child on the website.

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